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In September 2011, a new BMA subsidiary was founded in Voronezh, the centre of the Russian sugar industry. Since then, the engineers of BMA Russia have been providing support and assistance for more than 200 machines and apparatus manufactured by BMA AG and operated in Russian sugar factories.

The team at BMA Russia is made up of highly qualified engineers, who have many years of practical experience in sugar production and have also received additional training at the BMA workshops at Braunschweig.

BMA Russia is supported by BMA AG from Germany. On this basis, the following supplies and services are offered:

The team at BMA Russia collaborates actively and efficiently with sugar factories in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Thanks to this new company, the delivery times for spare parts and the waiting times for guarantee services and other services for BMA equipment will be reduced to just a few hours, which is particularly important during the campaign.

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BMA Russia

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